Purchase Traffic

  • How Long has been in Business?
  • has been in business since December 2007 as a reputable website marketing service provider.

  • Where does’s Visitors Come From?
  • is part of several Publisher Networks of more than 8,000 websites. Each network delivers its traffic in different ways such as full-page pop-unders, full page ads, iframes and Text-ads just to name a few. We have found that many of our clients are pleased with the fact that their site is advertised through multiple means of exposure instead of just focusing on one type of marketing strategy.

  • Will any of your Networks advertise my site in the form of a Pop-Up?
  • No. Networks or websites that advertise in the form of pop-ups are not allowed into the network. From past experience, we have found this marketing strategy to be the lease ineffective way of helping our clients receive higher (CTR) Click Through Rates for their site. Many people today have their browser’s set to block pop-ups and pop-ups are very annoying to the end user.

  • Why Do You Only Offer U.S. Traffic Visitors?
  • After a few years of serving world wide traffic and other country specific targeted traffic services, we felt it would be in the best interest of our clients to only offer U.S. traffic for a much better rate. We also felt that the U.S. traffic was a much higher quality traffic which is often sought after by website marketers and site owners.

  • How Many Visitors Will I Get Per Day?
  • Please use the following formula to figure your visitor spread:

    Number of Visitors (traffic plan) / Number of Days (Delivery time)= Visitors per day
    For Example: A 10,000 visitor package over 30 days will deliver 333/334 visitors per day on average

  • How Long Will It Take For My Campaign to Begin?
  • You will begin to see traffic come to your site within 24-hours of purchase.

  • Why do my Server log Files, Google Analytics or 3rd Party Tracking NOT Match What is in my Cpanel?
  • The Cpanel is the only accurate way of fully tracking the visitors to your site since it is directly connected to the network of marketing servers. Theses servers track your visitor campaigns according to the visitors served to the site and not how many times a page has been loaded or a hit generated. Many 3rd party tracking software’s simply cannot keep up with the speed of our marketing of your site. This is why we provide access to your sites metrics in accordance to what our servers have delivered.

  • Do You Offer Refunds On Any of Your Services?
  • No. Once a service has been purchased we do not offer a full refund or a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of the service. To keep our prices low for our clients we cannot be removing a URL from our services as this would disrupt the marketing cycle that our servers rely on. Please use the contact form that is provided for any questions you may have BEFORE you make your purchase.

  • Do you Guarantee your Services?
  • Yes. We guarantee to deliver the amount of traffic in the time frame that was specified.

  • Can You Guarantee Me A Higher CTR, Increase in Sales or Clicks to Generate More Income?
  • No. We cannot guarantee our visitors behavior while they are visiting your site. We would recommend each of our clients to have their visitor traffic directed at a web page that already has a good CTR or conversion rate. If you have a new site and do not have these site metrics, we would recommend to contact a web developer or online sales firm to develop a landing page for your traffic before purchase that has a background in designing high CTR web pages.

  • What Types of Websites Can I Purchase Traffic For?
  • We do not allow adult content websites for inclusion into our network of traffic. Second, we will not market sites which promote hate, violence or illegal activities.